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Any institute of higher learning can fill heads. Only the best fill hearts. They’re special places that attract special people. In our case, Mountaineers are seekers of knowledge and thrills. Born leaders and square pegs. The nicest rebels you’ll ever meet. Pursuing higher learning surrounded by a landscape that’s more vertical than horizontal; more wild than tamed. And when they’ve achieved all they can here, they’ll do the same out in the world. Not content to just make a living, Mountaineers make their mark. And in time, they discover the place where they learned and lived, now lives within them. Carved into their very beings as surely as Gunnison was carved out of the Rockies. That kind of education is too powerful to keep to yourself. Alums, supporters, faculty- all members of Western’s family- aren’t obligated to tell others; they’re compelled. They want to shout from the mountaintops…about their journey, secure in knowledge that it’s not bragging if it’s true. And it is. There’s no university experience like Western Colorado University anywhere. Never has been. Never will be. So when it comes time to support a place this special in word, deed, or donation…
Step up. Speak up. Western up.

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Mountaineer Gala - Saturday, May 20th, 2023

The Foundation supports philanthropic stewardship in partnership with Western Colorado University by empowering student excellence for lifelong success.

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