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One of four universities in Colorado represented, the Model United Nations is a team endorsed by Western to which the most academically inclined students must apply, collaborate and ultimately compete against students from around the world to represent a specific country at a prestigious forum in New York. The Model UN team presents students with an exceptional means to nurture creativity, interdisciplinary collaboration and professional presentation. Members of the Model UN Team engage in life-long employable skills including: working paper drafting, considering and writing resolutions for their committee, rigorous formal and informal caucus discussions and negotiations with allied countries, as well as delivering formal speeches and voting in the interest of international policy and law. Students must possess exceptional knowledge of their country’s positions for the duration of the conference and are judged on remaining active and respective participants in important deliberations.The Model UN Team allows students to take a thoughtful approach to world politics, and apply their knowledge gained in a meaningful context.The money fundraised will help to cover conference, hotel, and travel costs for the team.


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Project End Date June 30, 2019

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600 N. Adams Street, Gunnison, CO 81231

Phone: 970-641-2237

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