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Western’s Future Healthcare Professionals

Some of the most successful pre-professional healthcare students in Colorado come from Western Colorado University. Students considering a career in healthcare pursue a variety of emphases, such as Pre-Health/Cell & Molecular Biology, Pre-Nursing, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Exercise and Sport ScienceClinical Track! Western sets the bar for future healthcare professionals - with an 89% acceptance rate for students applying to healthcare-related programs (medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, etc). With that said, acceptance into healthcare professional programs is becoming more competitive each year with some programs only accepting 3% of the applicants! We need your help expanding our real-world applications and preparation. Donations provided to this program help students become better-prepared for their future as healthcare professionals. Your gift changes a life, Western, and the world in the healthiest of ways! Our world needs healthcare providers, and they need you!

The purpose of the pre-professional healthcare expansion:

Currently, the success rates of those students accepted into professional programs is 89%, but we can do better. We need your donations to help our pre-health students to pursue their dreams within the medical field. Some Mountaineers have the potential, knowledge, and desire to pursue a medical profession, but they can’t afford the cost associated with studying for and taking medical exams, let alone applying for medical schools. From the start of a student’s test preparation (MCAT, PCAT, GRE, etc.) through applying to around 5 medically related schools, the total cost per Western student is greater than $2,000. That is in addition to the tuition, fees, and living expenses they are accruing just to attain their degree at Western. Help us reach our $16K goal so we can send 8 students through the application process with less stress.

Our Needs:


Testing Preparation:

Provide students with the resources needed to succeed on admissions exams (i.e. MCAT, PCAT, GRE, etc)

  • $300/book added to the admission test-prep library
  • $2,000 sponsors a student that wishes to complete an online admission test course

Application Related Costs:

Costs of applying to medical programs can be astronomical. Lessen student stress by covering some of these costs.

  • $250-$500 covers the cost of an admission test
  • $500 will cover the cost of applying to 5 programs
  • $1,000 will cover the cost of interviewing at a single program (travel, lodging, and food)

Experiential Classroom:

Support the delivery of applied healthcare experiences via field trips (i.e. visiting healthcare centers, touring medical labs, attending preview days, etc.)

  • $1,000 will cover the cost of lodging, transportation and meals

Lunch & Learns:

Sponsor an on-campus guest lecture

  • $400 provides lunch for students

National Conferences:

Students can attend a variety of national meetings depending on their area of interest

  • $750 sponsors travel, lodging, registration, and meals for one student
  • $5,000 sponsors all student and faculty attendees

How You Can Help – all gifts to this campaign are tax deductible:

  1. Spread the word on social media and share this campaign with your friends and family so we can reach our goal.
  2. Donate! Help fund this very valuable program:
  • Credit Card: Contribute with link on page!
  • Cash/Check: please list Pre-Health Program on the memo line and make the check payable to Western Foundation. Mail check to the Western Foundation, P.O. Box 1264, Gunnison, CO 81230

Want to get even more involved?

Contact Western Colorado University’s Emily McMahill, Health Professions Advisor / Ferchau Lecturer in Biology at [email protected], 970-943-2311.


Donated of $16,000 Goal





Days to Go

Project End Date November 20, 2018

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